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Integrated Energy Design – the Architectural Approach

Abstract: In the document "Arkitektur.nå. Norwegian architecture Politics ", published by the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs in 2009, it is emphasized the following main challenges for architecture in Norway: • Environmental and energy solutions to characterize the architecture • Cities and towns will have to be developed with architecture of good quality • The State shall safeguard the cultural and architectural heritage This project tries to develop knowledge in integrated solutions that link energy and design of existing buildings. Centrally important is the dissemination of information about energy and environmental-and climate-friendly solutions in housing and building and sustainable living and building / architecture. Three different ones buildings were examined: • Linesøya school building • Fire station in Surnadalsøra • Rotvoll barn at Camp Hill / Steiner school in Trondheim By "research by design" explores and highlights the architectural students the opportunities associated with energy and environmental transformation of existing buildings, focusing on materials and energy, features, local communities and culture. The project includes largely cooperation with the local building industry and population, such as to contribute to the mutual knowledge and - dissemination. Continuously stricter building regulations make it necessary for architects to gain expertise in environmental design and careful resource use in architecture. There is great need for projects that show that more stringent requirements do not mean a reduction of architectural quality but also helps to produce good architecture. Students can, through their projects, help to explore and highlight the good opportunities, and question the established practice. Three challenges mentioned above are very much present in all three projects. The projects are well suited to explore how the ecological, economic, social and cultural perspective of the sustainability challenge can be integrated and operationalized to show a path to better architecture for the future.
Keywords: Research by design, refurbishment, transformation