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A compact transmitter array to reproduce neutrino’s acoustic signature in water
Dídac D.Tortosa * 1, 2 , Miguel Ardid 1 , Juan A. Martínez-Mora 1 , Manu Bou-Cabo 3
1  Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)
2  Institut d’Investigació per a la Gestió Integrada de les Zones Costaneres (IGIC)
3  Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO), Mixed Unit UPV-IEO

Published: 14 November 2018 by MDPI AG in 5th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications session Applications

In this work we present a prototype of a compact linear array with three elements that using the parametric acoustic effect is able to reproduce the acoustic signature of Ultra High Energy neutrino interaction in water. To mimic this signal is non-trivial since it is a very directive bipolar transient signal with cylindrical symmetry. We characterise the prototype by measuring the signal waveform, the attenuation, intensity variation and directivity. We also study different kind of signals to conclude the best application for the array. Finally, we propose other underwater acoustic applications for the prototype.

Keywords: Underwater acoustic; Transmitter array; UHE neutrino; Parametric effect
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