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“Hi-Fi Stake” Piezoelectric Actuators and New Developments
F.C. Lim * , D.H. Lin, L.C. Lim
1  Microfine Materials Technologies Pte Ltd. 10 Bukit Batok Crescent, #06-02 The Spire, Singapore 658079, SINGAPORE

10.3390/IeCAT2020-08506 (registering DOI)

“Hi-Fi Stake” piezoelectric actuators are constructed by bonding [011]-poled d32-mode lead-based relaxor-PT single crystals with polycarbonate edge guides into a square-pipe structure. They contract under positive-polarity applied voltage due to d32 values being negative for [011]-poled relaxor-PT single crystals. Under quasi-static loading conditions, “Hi-Fi Stake” single crystal actuators exhibit highly linear displacement response with negligible hysteresis. Over the years, we have successfully developed the following three versions of “Hi-Fi Stake (HFS)actuators: cost-effective (CE), large-stroke (LS) and High-load (HL), all of maximum use temperature of up to 60 oC. Of which, the LS version, of 2-level construction, displays strokes of up to 50 mm @ 240 V and the HL version, of 2-layer construction, has maximum loads allowed of 14 kg-f at room temperature and 7 kg-f at 60 oC. Also described in this work are the developments Cryogenic Hi-Fi Stakes (HFS-CG) and High-Temperature Hi-Fi Stake (HFS-HT) piezoelectric actuators. The selection of suitable crystal compositions, recommended working conditions and measured performance of fabricated prototypes of these two new versions of Hi-Fi Stakes are presented and discussed.

Keywords: piezoelectric actuator; "Hi-Fi Stake" ; linear displacement response, negligible hysteresis; cryogenic application;