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Symmetry 2017- The First International Conference on Symmetry

S2: Physics and Symmetry

Session Chair

Kimball A. Milton
The University of Oklahoma, USA

Invited Speakers

Plamen Fiziev
Sofia University, Bulgaria

Salvatore Capozziello
Università di Napoli "Federico II", Italy

George Zoupanos
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Luciano Rezzolla
Institute of Theoretical Physics, Germany

Hong-Jian He
Tsinghua University, China

Carl M. Bender
Washington University, USA

Serge Reynaud
Unité mixte ENS-UPMC-CNRS, France

Emilio Elizalde
ICE-CSIC and IEEC, Spain

Oleg Yazyev
EPFL, Switzerland

List of Accepted Abstracts (30)
\'E. Cartan's Supersymmetry, Noncommutative Geometry and Propagation of Time in the Kaluza-Klein-like Universe
Generalization of the Noether Theorem: Global and Local Symmetries, Dynamical Functionals and Boundary Conditions
Algebraic Solutions in Scalar Field Cosmology: Reconstruction of the dark-energy equation of state and the inflationary potential
An Analyst's Take on Gauge Theory
Application of Lie Symmetry Analysis to Heat and Mass Transfer Equations
Computational Search for Novel Materials Realizing Topological Electronic Phases
Dual Symmetry: Magnetic Monopoles in Theory and Experiment
Dynamical Systems with Spatiotemporal Periodicities through the Symmetries
Equation for gravitation field without redundant components and its Poincaré symmetries
From Kaluza–Klein to Non-Commutative Gauge Theories of Gravity
Generalized Heisenberg–Euler Formula and Its Application to Vacuum Magnetic Birefringence Experiment
Gluing Formula for Casimir Energies
Good vs. Bad Tetrads in f(T) Gravity and the Role of Spacetime Symmetries
Intrinsic Symmetry of the Dark Fluid Electrodynamics
Modified gravity and relativistic stars
Noether's Symmetries in Quantum Cosmology
On Symmetry Restoration in General Relativity
On the Symmetry of the Electromagnetic Energy-Momentum Tensor in Media
Particle Path Integrals on Maximally Symmetric Spaces and Type-A Trace Anomalies
Physics in the Complex Domain
Probing Dark Energy Directly by Gravitational Lensing
PT-Symmetry and Related Geometrical Structures
Quantum Metrology and Relativistic Symmetries
Quantum simulation of SU(4) symmetric spin lattice models
Relativistic Stars in dRGT Massive Gravity
Unifying the Early-Time Inflationary Era with Late-Time Dark Epoch Universe: The Case of Modified Gravity
Universe with Nojiri–Odintsov Holographic Dark Energy
Weak Isospin Symmetry and the Vacuum Polarization Energy of Cosmic Strings
Wormholes Created by Vacuum Fluctuations
Zeta functions: symmetry and applications