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Symmetry 2017- The First International Conference on Symmetry

S3: Chemistry and Symmetry

Session Chair

Maurizio Benaglia
Università degli Studi di Milan, Italy

Invited Speakers

Jürg Hulliger
University of Berne, Switzerland

Gyula Pályi
Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy

Miquel Llunell
Universitat de Barcelona & IQTCUB, Spain

Victor Borovkov
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

List of Accepted Abstracts (3)
Chromophores supramolecular organization in polymer materials with quadratic nonlinear-optical activity: Symmetry aspects
Chirogenesis in Supramolecular Systems on the Basis of Porphyrinoids
Symmetry breaking and polarity formation in molecular crystals