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A: Environmental Sustainability

Prof. Dr. Miklas Scholz, University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom
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List of Accepted Abstracts (8)
A comparative study of execution processes of coating gypsum plasterboard panels and gypsum slurry in the civil construction with a focus in the environmental impact assessment.
Artificial Neural Network Approach for Estimation of Surface Temperature
Comparing Sustainable Consumption Strategies in Norway and the UK
Effects of Energy Price Liberalization Policies on Environmental Indicators of Agricultural Sustainability, Using Mathematical Programming Approach. (Case Study: Qorveh city. Iran)
Historical trends in abiotic and biotic resource flows in the EU (1990-2010)
Relationship between Environmental Sustainability and Financial Performance of Firm: A Literature Review
The investigation of cadmium pollution in the metal production factory in relation to environmental health
Using Satellite Data in Assessing Environmental Sustainability of a Rapidly Growing City