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2nd MDPI Guest Editor Club 2021

17 Nov 2021, 15:30 (CET)

Guest Editors, Special Issue, Experience Share, Communication
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Welcome from the Chairs

Dear Colleagues,

MDPI would like to invite all of the Guest Editors who are recognized experts in their field to attend the MDPI Guest Editor Club (MGEC 2021). This forum intends to highlight exciting topics in a comprehensive but efficient manner to allow GEs from all over the world to present their experience and discuss their achievements.

The GE Club will bring together a group of multi-disciplinary Guest Editors from all over the world to present and exchange breakthrough ideas on Special Issue developments. We have, therefore, put together this platform, which will be looking after your interactions with the journal, leading you through the most important aspects of the role and what you can expect from the process of editing a Special Issue. We are pleased to provide an excellent opportunity to all the brilliant Guest Editors to propose and develop new approaches, exchange perspectives and encourage new lines of research.

We will record the lectures, with prior agreement of the lecturers, and deposit them in our online database. We will continue to build this database with brief introductions and summaries of topics and open an online discussion group for each GE. We hope that this event is of interest to you, and we welcome you to join us at this forum.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the MDPI Guest Editor Club (MGEC 2021). Please find below an up-to-date outline of presenters.

Conference Secretariat

Ms. Shun Li
MDPI Branch Office, Singapore

Speakers' Profiles

Guest Editors of Asphalt Materials Journal

Prof. Cesare Oliviero Rossi

Prof. Cesare Oliviero Rossi was born in 1974 in Cosenza, Italy. He received his Degree in Chemistry, cum laude, in 1997 at the University of Calabria, and his Ph.D. in “Chemical Sciences” in 2002 at the same University, working on the structural characterization of lyotropic systems. From 2002 up to now he has worked abroad as team member or research leader, running different research projects, at University of Lund (Sweden), University of Coimbra (Portugal), ETH Zurich, High Research Institute of Kazakhstan.
In 2015 he was awarded the gold medal for contribution to the Road Science by the High Research Institute of Kazakhstan.

His publication track record, including more than 140 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, is impressive. Nowadays, his major area of expertise is the study of colloidal systems. In particular, he has recently been focusing on the chemistry of bitumen and its additives, approaching the open challenges in this area of research from a chemical point of view, also making use of investigation and analytical techniques never used before to study asphalt binders.

Dr. Piotr Prus

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Piotr Prus, PhD is employed at the Laboratory of Economics and Agribusiness Advisory (Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology, Poland). His scientific interests are focused on issues related to the broadly understood concept of sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas, as well as the functioning of agricultural advisory systems. In 2007 he defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Individual farms functioning according to sustainable development principles on the example of selected groups of farmers”. For many years he has been cooperating with the Baltic University Program - a network of universities in the Baltic Sea region, which is coordinated by the secretariat at Uppsala University (Sweden) and is focused on sustainable development, support for democratic processes and protection of the natural environment. He has repeatedly conducted guest lectures at foreign partner universities in Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Turkey. He conducts didactic classes (lectures, exercises, workshops and seminars), among others in the following subjects: Agricultural Consulting, Multifunctional Rural Development, Sustainable Development etc.

Special Issues in MDPI journals:
Special Issue in Sustainability: Sustainable Development of Rural Areas and Agriculture
Special Issue in Agriculture: Contemporary Challenges of Agriculture and Rural Areas in the Context of Sustainable Development
Special Issue in Agriculture: Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture, Rural Areas and Agri-Food Supply Chain under Conditions of Uncertainty
Special Issue in Energies: Green Economy and Sustainable Development of Regions: Economics, Energy, and Politics—The Essence of Interdependenc

Scientific Officer of MDPI

Dr. Marta Pasquini

Dr. Marta Pasquini is a Chemist by training and she earned her PhD in Computational Chemistry from the Università degli Studi of Milan in 2018. Afterwards, she also completed a post-doc at the Politecnico of Milan. She joined MDPI in July 2020 as an Assistant Editor, and since October 2020 she has been acting as Scientific Officer and as the Publishing Manager for a portfolio of journals. In October 2021, she was also appointed as Chair of the Publishing Statistics Committee.

Webinar Recording

Prof. Cesare Oliviero Rossi:
Special Issue

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Piotr Prus:
My experience as a Guest Editor in MDPI journals

Dr. Marta Pasquini:
Special Issue Project - Quick Steps


Webinar: 17 November 2021 3.30pm (CET)


Time CET

Cesare Oliviero Rossi

Special Issue


Piotr Prus

My experience as a Guest Editor in MDPI journals


Marta Pasquini

Special Issue Project - Quick Steps


Q&A and Conclusions

Attendees are welcome to type in their questions in the Zoom Q&A section.


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* The registration link will be available 1-2 days before the start of the live session.

Discussion Group

MDPI would like to invite all of the Guest Editors who are recognized experts in their field to attend the MDPI Guest Editor Club.

In order to allow GEs from all over the world to present their experience and discuss their achievements more conveniently, we have opened a discussion group for MDPI Guest Editor Club here:

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