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Materials Webinar | Nanomaterials Saving the Environment: World Researchers Coming Together

19 Sep 2022, 14:00 (CEST)

Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Energy, Sustainability, Green Science, Environment, World, International
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Welcome from the Chair

9th Materials Webinar

Nanomaterials Saving the Environment: World Researchers Coming Together

It is clear that our environment is crumbling due to record temperatures, flooding, natural disasters, CO2 emissions, and more. Such changes to our environmental are integrally linked to all facets of our life, most notably our ability to generate and use energy, our health and medicine, and so much more. Although new research in environmental science has emerged over the past several decades, it is unclear what difference such scientific advances are actually making. Is it too late ? Are such green technologies not being commercialized or reaching the marketplace ? Why have we not seen an ability to reverse these trends ? Is it all politics as usual ? This special webinar will include talks from premier scientists from all over the world who are using a new field to combat environmental problems: nanotechnology. Due to their significantly higher surface area per volume ratios, the use of materials with dimensions less than 100 nm (so called nanomaterials) have indeed showed the ability to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, limit CO2 emissions, incorporate sustainability principles, be biodegradable and more to help the environment. Here, we will focus on the use of nanomaterials for alternative energy and medicine applications, showing that green nanotechnology (or the reduced use of toxic materials when making nanomaterials as well as not using environmentally unfriendly materials during nanomaterial synthesis), does not impact the environment but can provide extraordinary energy and medicinal properties. In doing so, this collection of world researchers will present a technology which is being translated into real commercial products to finally save the environment: nanotechnology.

Date: 19 September 2022

Time: 2:00 pm CEST | 8:00 am EDT | 8:00 pm CST Asia

Webinar ID: 830 1209 2867

Webinar Secretariat:


Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, China

Thomas J. Webster’s (H index: 111; Google Scholar) degrees are in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh (B.S., 1995; USA) and in biomedical engineering from RPI (Ph.D., 2000; USA). He has served as a professor at Purdue (2000-2005), Brown (2005-2012), and Northeastern (2012-2021; serving as Chemical Engineering Department Chair from 2012 - 2019) Universities and has formed over a dozen companies who have numerous FDA approved medical products currently improving human health. Dr. Webster has numerous awards including: World Top 2% Scientist by Citations (PLOS); SCOPUS Highly Cited Research (Top 1% Materials Science and Mixed Fields); Clarivate Top 0.1% Most Influential Researchers (Pharmacology and Toxicology); and is a fellow of over 8 societies.

Invited Speakers

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Biomedical Research Center, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

Dr. Anwarul Hasan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Biomedical Research Center at Qatar University. Earlier he was a visiting Assistant Professor and an NSERC Post Doctoral Fellow at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Hasan has published more than 220 journal papers and two edited books. He is a winner of more than sixteen national and international awards and a winner of more than 4.1 million US dollars of grant funding. His current research interests involve Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, 3D Bioprinting, Diabetic Wound Healing, Cancer Biochips, as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Applications.

Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand,
Department of Microbiology, School of Science, RK University, Rajkot, India

Dr. Sougata Ghosh is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology, School of Science, RK University, India. He completed his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Microbiology from Savitribai Phule Pune University, India. He has filed 6 patents, 6 books, 110 book chapters, 74 research and review articles on nanotechnology driven solutions for the environment, agriculture and drug delivery. He has presented in more than 90 international conferences as a keynote speaker and resource person. He is the Associate Editor of Frontiers in Chemistry and Current Microbiology.

Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Little Rock, AK, USA

Dr. Gregory Guisbiers is a condensed matter physicist, currently an assistant professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He completed his PhD in physics at the University of Mons in Belgium. His research interests lie in theoretical and experimental nanophysics. Theoretically, he is using quantum/nano – thermodynamics to predict the properties of nano-materials. Experimentally, he is synthesizing those nano-materials by pulsed laser ablation in liquids. His goal is to make an impact in quantum electronics, nano-metallurgy and nano-medicine. Finally, he published 90 peer-reviewed articles, 3 books, 2 book chapters, and 3 US patents.

Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology, CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Dr. José Miguel García-Martín is a Research Scientist at the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology, CSIC (Spain). He obtained his PhD in Physics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) and he was a Marie Curie postdoc at U. Paris-Sud (France). In 2014 he led the project “Nanoimplant” that won the IDEA²Madrid Award (a partnership of Comunidad de Madrid and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In 2017 he was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University (Boston, USA). In 2020 he co-founded the spin-off Nanostine. Since February 2021, he is the Chair of the Spanish Chapter of IEEE Magnetics Society.

Webinar Content

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Time in CEST

Chair Dr. Thomas J. Webster

Chair Introduction

2:00 - 2:10 pm

Dr. Thomas J. Webster

Nanotechnology Saving the Environment: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going ?

2:10 - 2:25 pm

Dr. Hasan Anwar

Nanomedicine and the Environment

2:25 - 2:40 pm

Dr. Jose Miguel García-Martin

Nanocolumnar Films for Energy and Environmental Applications

2:40 – 2:55 pm

Dr. Sougata Ghosh

Sustainable Strategies for Environmental Remediation Using Biogenic Nanoparticles

2:55 - 3:10 pm

Dr. Gregory Guisbiers

Bright Future for Chalcogenide Nanomaterials

3:10 - 3:25 pm


3:25 - 3:40 pm

Closing of Webinar

Chair Dr. Thomas J. Webster

3:40 - 3:45 pm

Relevant SI

Advances in Synthesis, Properties and Application of Nanomaterials
Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. David N. McIlroy
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 10 February 2023

Nanoparticles for Biophotonics and Nanomedicine
Guest Editor: Dr. Marcin Jarek
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 10 February 2023

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