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Very short precipitation prediction using neural network methods.
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1  Instituto Superior de Tecnologías y Ciencias Aplicadas. Universidad de La Habana. Cuba.
2  Environmental Physics Laboratory, CIM-UVigo, Universidad de Vigo, Ourense, España.
Academic Editor: Anthony Lupo (registering DOI)

The short term prediction of precipitation is a difficult spatio-temporal task due to the non-uniform characterization of meteorological structures over time. Currently, neural networks such as convolutional LSTM have shown ability for the spatio -temporal prediction of complex problems. In this research, it is proposed an LSTM convolutional neural network (CNN-LSTM) architecture for immediate prediction of various short-term precipitation events using satellite data. The CNN-LSTM is trained with NASA Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) precipitation data sets, each at 30-minute intervals. The trained neural network model is used to predict the eleventh precipitation data of the corresponding ten precipitation sequence and up to a time interval of 120 minutes. The results show that the increase in the number of layers, as well as in the amount of data in the training data set, improves the quality in the forecast.

Keywords: neural network, CNN-LSTM, GPM-IMERG dataset