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LoRa Multi-Channel Access to Doppler effect in CubeSat Radio Communication
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1  King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Academic Editor: Soemsak Yooyen (registering DOI)

Currently, Communication Technology have an important role in our daily life. The technology of Internet of Things (IoTs), which is most likely will be deployed in conjunction with satellite technology. The currently developed technologies are based on satellite constellations in low Earth orbit, including CubeSat and nanosatellite constellations. This paper presents the results of a theoretical investigation of the feasibility of successful communication between a LoRa in a ground station and a LoRa in the satellite, including the Doppler effect that an IoT device may experience. Several sets of essential transmission parameters were considered, and their successful or unsuccessful outcomes were simulated. In addition, a laboratory testing was conducted to find out whether different transmission frequencies would affect the transmission quality considerably or not. It was found that, in principles, a few sets of essential transmission parameters would provide feasible communication between a LoRa on the ground and a LoRa in a satellite. In addition, the laboratory testing showed that different frequencies in the range of 923–925 MHz did not affect the transmission quality differently. The theoretical and experimentally acquired parameter values reported in this paper may directly benefit developers of new applications of LoRa and IoTs satellite in their effort to design an effective communication scheme for their system.

Keywords: Doppler effect, LoRa Multi–Channel Gateway, Internet of Things (IoTs).