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Low Earth Orbit design for IoT satellites over Thailand
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1  King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Academic Editor: Soemsak Yooyen (registering DOI)

At present, communication technology is very important to daily life. Internet of Things (IoTs), especially, are going to play major roles in our daily life in the near future. However, users in some remote areas still cannot connect to the core network. Therefore, it is imperative to develop an IoT satellite system that can serve every user everywhere in the world, by using Low Earth Orbit satellites. The objective of this study was to theoretically investigate the feasibility of successful communication between a ground station and satellites. Among a number of basic parameters of satellite communication, trajectories and periods of fly-by of currently available satellites over Thailand were considered, as well as vernal equinox and ascending node angle, Mean Durations that satellite can receive and send data from ground stations, by operating the satellite in the height range 500, 550 and 600 km above the earth. An outcome of the investigation was a few sets of parameter values that were theoretically verified to produce feasible communication between ground station and satellite. The parameter values reported in this paper may directly benefit developers of new applications of satellite communication in their effort to design a proper communication scheme for their system.

Keywords: Low Earth Orbit, IoT satellite, Mean Durations