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Research on magnetic field homogenous analysis through Helmholtz coil mechanism for Ground-based Attitude Determination and Control testing platform
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1  National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Public Organization)
2  King Mongkut's University OF Technology North Bangkok
Academic Editor: Soemsak Yooyen (registering DOI)

A desired orientation in outer space, with a specified level of precision, is a mission requirement for every spacecraft based-on payload condition. Technically, Attitude Determination and Control Sub-system (ADCS) is responsible for satisfying this requirement which primary focused on Low-Earth Orbit small satellite missions. To make the analysis realistic, ground-based ADCS simulation and testing platform was established under Thai Space Consortium (TSC) program at National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Chiang-Mai, Thailand. Normally, the Helmholtz coil is a primary equipment to simulate the Earth’s magnetic field that is a part of ADCS. In this research, the Biot Savart’ s Law was applied to describe the magnetic distribution through the mechanism of Helmholtz coil (circular and square) based on International Geomagnetic Reference Field model in three-axis. The facility’s objective is testing and verification of the TSC’s small satellite research and developing program. Therefore, in this paper, we introduce hardware-in-the-loop test bench with specific devices, their performances, and future extensions in progress.

Keywords: Attitude Determination and Control Sub-system; Biot Sarvart’ s Law; Helmholtz coil; Hardware in the loop.