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Analyzes regarding possible effects of electromagnetic waves emitted on agricultural productions
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1  Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Doctoral of Economic School
Academic Editor: Adela Sorinela Safta (registering DOI)

This paper aims to highlight in a unique way the effects on sustainable agricultural systems due to the global growth of the development of the communications system. From the very beginning, we discussed the disruptions of climate change and, in particular, the risk of disaster, which causes long academic debates, electromagnetic radiation. During the study we conducted empirical research using the wide range of receptors and detailed dermination bridge, we used quantitative methods to collect the processes and analyze the data and information incorporated to formulate observations and conclusions. The aim of this paper is to highlight an assessment for obtaining an answer to the possible causes of climate disturbances in agriculture, given the epistemic uncertainty. Mainly, we will reflect the effects that interfere with the level of electromagnetic radiation produced by antennas, Opening advanced technologies with new satellite capabilities is expensive, so now the density of high power data transmissions useful in digital agriculture is the technical solution of operators empirical research experimentally analyzes the data we collect in the statistical monitoring of electromagnetic waves, to what extent these electromagnetic radiation affect agricultural systems concerned with trying to sequester C from the soil and reduce greenhouse effects. The paper defines and presents the evolution of the impact of new technologies developed in order to facilitate the implementation of intelligent agricultural solutions, admitting that the opening of new technologies facilitates the creation of the economically and socially interconnected global community (Mc Luchan, 1965).

Taking into account the intensification of the use of digital agriculture, the analysis proposed for research is a topic of updating and in this sense it is necessary that this research be analyzed from environmental perspectives

Keywords: electromagnetic waves, agricultural, land–atmosphere Interactions