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Opensim Visualization of the classification of finger movements based on electromyography signal as the single input variable during predefined movements.
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1  Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Academic Editor: Stefano Mariani (registering DOI)

A classifier is commonly generated for multifunctional prostheses control or also as input devices in human-computer interfaces. The complementary use of the open access biomechanical simulation software, OpenSim, is demonstrated for the hand movement classification performance visualization. The classifier was created from a previously captured database, which has 15 finger movements that were acquired during synchronized hand movements repetitions with an 8-electrode sensor array placed on the forearm; a 92.89% recognition based on a complete movement was obtained. The OpenSim’s upper limb wrist model is employed, with movement in each of the joints of the hand-fingers. Several hand motion visualizations were then generated, for the Ideal hand movements, and for the best and the worst (53.03%)reproduction, in order to perceive the classification error in a specific task movement. This demonstrates the usefulness of this simulation tool before applying the classifier to a multifunctional prosthesis.

Keywords: Opensim; Classification model; Biomechanical simulation.