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Design of Intelligent Compaction Operation Monitoring System for Intelligent Vibratory Roller Based on Internet of Things
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1  Chang'an University
Academic Editor: Stefano Mariani


In recent years, due to the continuous increase in infrastructure construction such as road, airport and railway construction in global, the quality requirements for compaction operations have been continuously improved. At the same time, with the rapid development of electronic information, automatic control and computer technology, the road roller has gradually developed towards automation and intelligence. The intelligent vibratory roller with adjustable mode has become the leading direction of the development of compaction equipment, which can obtain the state of the pressed material in time in the compaction operation. Then control the working parameters and the excitation mode of the whole machine according to the condition of the pressed material. Thus, the intelligent vibratory roller can better meet today’s requirements for compaction. This paper proposes an intelligent compaction operation monitoring system for intelligent vibratory roller based on internet of things. Firstly, the acceleration change characteristics of the vibrating wheel are first analyzed, by constructing the dynamic model of the vibratory roller and the compacted material under different working conditions. Secondly, a hardware system for real-time compaction monitoring is established, including design selection of sensor module, signal conditioning module and wireless transmission module. Thirdly, a method for real-time compaction monitoring data evaluation and analysis of intelligent compaction is proposed, and a detailed analysis process of compaction data is designed. Finally, an intelligent vibratory roller operation monitoring prototype system based on the Internet of Things technology is constructed.

Keywords: Vibratory Roller; Intelligent Compaction; Real-Time Compaction Monitoring; Industrial Internet of Things; Compaction Operation Monitoring