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On the Sensing and Decoding of Phantom Motions for Control of the Cybernetics of the Upper-limb Prosthesis
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1  Nsugbe Research Labs
2  Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
Academic Editor: Francisco Falcone


The Cybernetic interface within an Upper-Limb prosthesis facilitates a Human-Machine interaction and ultimately control of the prosthesis limb, a coherent flow between the phantom motion and subsequent actuation of the prosthesis limb to produce the desired gesture hinges heavily hinges heavily upon the physiological sensing source and its ability to acquire quality signal alongside an appropriate decoding of this intent signals with the aid of appropriate signal processing algorithms. In this paper we discuss the sensing and signal processing aspects of the overall prosthesis control cybernetics, with emphasis on transradial, transhumeral and shoulder disarticulate amputations which represent considerable upper-limb amputees typically encountered within the population. We conclude by pinpointing a number of areas within the prosthesis control interface and the ergonomics of the prosthesis limbs that can be subject to further work in order to increase the efficiency, accessibility and overall usage of the bionic upper-limb prosthesis.

Keywords: Cybernetics; Biosensors; Robotics; Machine Learning; Upper-Limb Amputations; Intelligent Systems; Artificial Intelligence