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The digitalization framework of the National Forest System at 2020
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1  Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Academic Editor: Nikoleta Jones


The digitalization of public administration and the bureaucratic procedures is a priority objective on the agenda of the National Government. The forestry system could benefit from the introduction and the implementation of the digitalization, both for the purposes of administration, management, monitoring and governance of the national forest heritage. The authors, through regional websites analysis, questionnaires and interviews with personnel of regional forestry offices, defined the degree of digitalization of the forestry sector of Italian regions and they provide to define the various levels of the computerization and digitalization in relation to different factors and fixed points of this digital evolution. While the computerization phase has been completed at the beginning of 2021 in almost the Italian regions and autonomous provinces, The forest digitalization is yet in the early stages of its development and implementation, with the exception of few realities, especially in northern Italy, that represent excellence in this field.

Keywords: Innovation and communication technologies; Digitalization Indexes; Digital tools; Ri.Selv.Italia Project; Data dispersion