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Synthesis of (HET)ARYLAMIDOGUANIDINES and their Anticoagulant Activity Evaluation
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1  Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore, Singapore
2  Department of Physiology, Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy, Perm, Russian Federation

Abstract: (Het)arylamidoguanidines were synthesized from corresponding hydrazides and S-methyl isothiourea. They were screened in vitro for anticoagulant activity using whole canine blood. The most active compounds, namely 4-methylbenzamidoguanidine and nicotinamidoguanidine were also tested on platelet free plasma. No effect was observed for these compounds on the clotting time of platelet free plasma. Therefore, platelets were suspected as a possible target for the anticoagulant activity of the (het)arylamidoguanidines.
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