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A Wireless Resonant LC Sensor For Glucose Detection
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1  Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, USA
2  Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez.
Academic Editor: Stefano Mariani


This paper proposes a wireless resonant Inductive and Capacitive (LC) sensor for glucose sensing. A sensor composed of a capacitor with interdigital electrodes and an inductor for glucose sensing is presented. The resonance frequency and impedance were measured as the sensing parameters. A glucose beverage concentration from 0 to 44% is used, resulting in a resonance frequency change from 1.9217 MHz to 1.8681 MHz, and the impedance of the sensor changes from 170.33 to 110.68 . The resonance frequency and impedance relationship to glucose beverage concentration are well presented by a decreasing exponential function. Using an exponential regression, the resonance frequency shows an average regression error of 1.38%. Likewise, the impedance shows an average error of 3.47%. The linear range of the sensor is also analyzed at the glucose concentration range between 0 and 4%. The sensor exhibited a sensitivity of 424.6 kHz and 721.6416 Ω, respectively, with a linear regression (r2) of 0.9853 and 0.9553 respectively.

Keywords: Wireless, LC sensor, Interdigital, Glucose sensor