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A Novel Microwave Synthesis of Unsubstituted Cyclic Imides
* 1 , 2
1  Department of Chemistry and Physics, Arkansas State University, AR 72467, USA
2  Department of Chemistry, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 21251, USA

Abstract: A number of unsubstituted cyclic imides were synthesized from cyclic anhydrides, hydroxylamine hydrochloride NH 2 OH (HCl), and 4-N,N-dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP) under microwave irradiation in a mono-mode microwave. This synthesis gave the unsubstituted cyclic imides in high yields (61-81%) instead of the predicted N-hydroxy cyclic imides which were found to be the minor products.
Keywords: Hydroxylamine (HCl), Unsubstituted Cyclic Imides, DMAP, Microwave