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Synthesis of 1,3-diyne derivatives of lembehyne B with antitumor and neuritogenic activity.
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2  N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
Academic Editor: Julio A. Seijas


The report presents data on our studies on obtaining lembehyne B derivatives with cytotoxic and neuritogenic activity. The methods and approaches to the synthesis of the above-mentioned lembehynes presented in the report are based on the use of the catalytic cross-cyclomagnesiation of 1,2-dienes (the Dzhemilev reaction) at the key stage of the synthesis.

Keywords: Lembehyne B; 1Z,5Z-dienes; cross-cyclomagnesiation; anticancer and neuritogenic activity.
Comments on this paper
Yaroslav Faletrov
Good work! Do you interested in future biological evaluation of yours diynes with respect to molecular docking studies (in silico) and yeast growth/bioconversion? let me know. For example, see our works too. Best