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Synthesis, Characterization and Molecular Docking of New Derivatives that Contain Thiazole Moieties and Study Antioxidant Properties
1 , 2 , * 3
1  Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, the University of Al‐Qadisiyah, Iraq
2  Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, the University of Al‐kufa, Iraq
3  Directorate General of Muthanna Education
Academic Editor: Ariel Zhang (registering DOI)

An important class of heterocyclic chemicals are thiazole derivatives, providing a wide spectrum of biological activities in the form of antibacterial and antifungal, anti-HIV, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-convulsant, anti-depressant, and anti-tuberculosis acts. In this study we are prepared some novel derivatives from cetirizine impurity (A) by reacting 1-((4-chlorophenyl)(phenyl) methyl)piperazine with 2-chloro acetyl chloride to prepared 2-chloro-1-(4-((4-chlorophenyl) (phenyl) methyl)piperazin-1-yl)ethan-1-one (1) then reacting with 2-aminothiazole derivatives to prepare the derivatives (2-11) .The reaction was monitored by thin-layer chromatography (TLC) technique. All new compounds were characterized by melting points, elemental analysis, FT-IR, 1H-NMR, and 13C-NMR spectroscopy. The molecular docking of these derivatives was also determined as anti-breast cancer by docking of prepared derivatives with (PDB:3eqm) protein by use (MOE 2015 program) and study of their efficient as antioxidant.

Keywords: Thaizol , piperazine , 2-aminothiazole, Molecular Docking