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Calculation of the Vacuum Energy Density using Zeta Function Regularization
1  Ronin Institute
Academic Editor: Gerald Cleaver

Published: 17 February 2023 by MDPI in 2nd Electronic Conference on Universe session Field Theory

Much has been written on the vacuum catastrophe and cosmological constant problem where we have the worst discrepancy between theory and measurement of about a factor of 120 orders of magnitude. In this paper, we improve this discrepancy by more than half which still remains very high, but also propose 3 avenues, one of which is an exciting prediction of a missing bosonic particle, that can help resolve the vacuum catastrophe. The paper builds on the standard theoretical calculation of the vacuum energy density using a quantum harmonic oscillator model and then sums the contributions of all the Standard Model's quantum fields vacuum states. The basis for this calculation is a new Zeta function regularization method used to tame the infinities present in the improper integrals of power functions. The paper also presents a few other findings in the area of vacuum energy.

Keywords: Vacuum Energy, Vacuum Catastrophe, Cosmological Constant problem, Zeta function regularization