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Artificial Intelligence (Ai) in the Sustainable Energy Sector
1  Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Tainan City, Taiwan
2  Department of Electrical Engineering
Academic Editor: Jui-Yuan Lee


The power business is at a point of intersection. Modern technical advances have the potential to drastically alter our electricity supply, trading, and usage. Artificial intelligence (Ai) technologies are transforming the current modernization approach. Big data management, vast computational resources, telecommunications, enhanced machine learning, and deep learning techniques have all contributed to the rapid surge in Ai technology. Smooth software that improves judgment and management will automatically adjust the merging of electricity supply, usage, and sustainable energy into the electricity network. Supercomputers, power systems, and communications networks between the command center and devices are all part of a smart electricity system. Ai would be crucial in attaining this required. This research assessed whether artificial intelligence algorithms surpass conventional methods in stability, massive data management, smart grid, energy-saving optimization, and planned maintenance management for renewables. As a result, we can conclude that Ai would perform an essential position in the upcoming energy business. To get better results, the sustainable energy industry, companies, power network administrators, and independent generators of electricity might want to put more emphasis on Ai technologies.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence technologies, Electricity supply, Power system, Renewables