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Focusing on eco-friendly adsorption method: Removal of endocrine-disrupting Cu2+ ions by iron shavings
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1  Aksaray University
Academic Editor: Bipro Dhar


Today, the common problem in all countries of the world is the presence of different environmental pollutants in water, air, and soil environments. In particular, endocrine disruptors represent a broad group of pollutants. Copper, which is both in this group and among the heavy metals, reaches aquatic environments directly and indirectly from anthropogenic activities. The adsorption process is the most environmentally friendly, economical, and practical method to prevent pollution caused by these Cu2+ ions, and intensive studies have been carried out on this method in recent years. The main target of these studies is to prefer adsorbents that do not cause pollution after removal. In this study, iron shavings (FeS) were considered to be used as an adsorbent. Laboratory scale batch analyzes were performed in synthetic solution under constant stirring speed (150 rpm) and temperature (20±2 oC) with different pH (2.0 - 6.0), FeS dose (0.1-5 g), and contact times (1-60 minutes). . The maximum removal efficiency of Cu2+ was determined as 78% under optimum operating conditions. The aim of this research article is to understand the application possibility of FeS adsorbent for the efficient removal of Cu2+. Interestingly, laboratory studies have shown that the use of FeS adsorbent can efficiently remove the endocrine-disrupting Cu2+.

Keywords: adsorption; adsorbent; eco-friendly; copper ions; iron shavings