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Fabrication of Self-Healing Absorbable Polymer Based Gel for Wound Dressing
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1  King Faisal University
Academic Editor: Marco Annunziata


Healthcare professionals must take special care of wounds to avoid serious complications such as infections, lengthy healing periods, and even amputations. This study aimed to design and manufacture a self-healing bioabsorbable polymeric based wound dressing with anti-bacterial growth and improved wound healing properties. Gel-based mixtures were successfully made-up of 5wt% chitosan with inhibition bacterial growth feature in 5-20wt% polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) called “pure mixture”. It was observed that the mixture of 5wt% chitosan in 10wt% PVA resulted in the most controlled viscosity and appropriate gel-texture for wound healing. The measured viscosities of 5wt% chitosan and 10wt% PVA are 235 and 531 Pa·s, respectively. The microscopic examination confirmed that addition of chitosan into PVA has successfully inhibited the bacterial growth. Another gel-based mixture called “additive mixture” was also investigated using the optimized preparation condition of 5wt% chitosan in 10wt% PVA with incorporation of some traditional herbs in powder form named frankincense, myrrh, and alum stone. Microscopic examination proven that addition of traditional herbs into chitosan/PVA mixture has initiated some bacteria to growth. A comparison of the wound healing performance of pure mixture gel and additive mixture gel was conducted using rats. The pure mixture gel produced a faster healing rate and a lower level of inflammation than the additive mixture gel.

Keywords: Absorbable, Wound Dressing, polymer, Self-Healing