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Design of Highly Birefringence and Nonlinear Modified Honeycomb Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber (MHL-PCF) for Broadband Dispersion Compensation in E+S+C+L Communication Bands
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1  Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Rajshahi-6204
2  World University of Bangladesh, Dhaka-1230
Academic Editor: Andrea Ballo


This paper investigates the design and tuning of a Broadband Dispersion Compensating Modified Honeycomb Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber (MHL-PCF) with outstanding features such as strong birefringence and nonlinearity. The proposed PCF for y polarization exhibits a negative dispersion coefficient of -263.9 ps/(nm-km) at 1.55 µm operating frequency and a high negative dispersion of -652.9 ps/( when air filled fraction (dc/Λ) grows from 0.35 to 0.65. Because it is a polarization maintaining fiber, it also exhibits birefringence. At 1.55 µm operating frequency, the suggested fiber exhibits 1.482×10-2 birefringence. The suggested MHL-PCF has a high nonlinear coefficient of 34.68W-1km-1 at the same operating frequency. Numerical aperture is also investigated for MHL-PCF as it influences their light-guiding capabilities, light-coupling efficiency, mode control, dispersion qualities, and sensitivity in sensing applications. The numerical aperture of the proposed MHL-PCF at 1550 nm is 0.4175, demonstrating excellent light-coupling property. The purpose of this research is to satisfy the growing need for improved optical communication systems capable of managing high data rates across long transmission distances. The suggested MHL-PCF structure has distinct features that make it an attractive choice for dispersion correction and nonlinear optical applications.

Keywords: Broadband Dispersion Compensating; Modified Honeycomb Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber; Birefringence; Nonlinearity; Numerical Aperture; Optical Communication Systems
Comments on this paper
Amit Halder
The Paper focuses on Honeycomb Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber design which exhibits better performance in dispersion management and birefringence property.
Maureen Mcneal
Very interesting.

Maureen Mcneal
New design of Photonic Crystal Fiber. Numerical Aperture value indicates good performance.