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Static Stability Analysis of Bamboo Grid-reinforced Slopes
* 1 , 2 , 1
1  Research Scholar, National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya
2  Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya
Academic Editor: Simeone Chianese


The limit equilibrium method (LEM) is an analytical technique presented in this study to examine the stability of bamboo grid-reinforced slopes. The so-called Horizontal Slice Method (HSM) is used to replicate horizontal bamboo grid layers. Each bamboo grid layer functions as a beam, offering axial strength and resistance to bending and shear. A formula is created by selecting pertinent governing equilibrium equations that are fitted to the novel notion used only for the study of bamboo grid-reinforced slopes. For slopes with varying features, parametric tests are carried out to assess the impacts of raising the bamboo grid height and substituting geogrids with bamboo grids of different heights. As a result, the stability condition is enhanced, and a less extensive reinforcement system is created, according to the results, which revealed that doing such steps would reasonably lower the needed tension and length of the reinforcement layers. The dependence of the output values on the slope angle and the material characteristics.

Keywords: Slope Stability; Bamboo Grid; Limit Equilibrium; Factor of Safety