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Title: Electrical Characterization of Cu-Doped PEDOT: PSS Polymeric Thin Films
* 1 , 1 , 2 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 3
1  Faculty of astronomy and Physics, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
2  Nicolaus Copernicus University
3  Faculty of physics, astronomy and informatics, NCU, Poland
Academic Editor: Letizia De maria


Abstract: This study investigates the electrical properties of Cu-doped PEDOT:PSS samples using electrical methods, including Hall measurements. Cu doping enhances the conductivity of PEDOT:PSS, making it promising for organic electronics. Different samples were prepared by spin coating method and characterized for Hall mobility, carrier concentration, and electrical conductivity using the Hall measurements. The sheet resistance was measured to determine electrical conductivity, aided by knowledge of the thin film thickness. Temperature dependency was also evaluated using a closed cycle cryostat, covering temperatures ranging from 4 K to 300 K. These comprehensive measurements provide valuable insights into the electrical behavior and temperature characteristics of Cu-doped PEDOT:PSS, facilitating the development of high-performance organic electronic devices.

Figure 1 illustrates the results for the temperature dependence of DMSO-doped PEDOT:PSS using temperature-dependent Hall measurements. The figure demonstrates an increase in electrical conductivity with increasing temperature.

Keywords: Cu-doped PEDOT:PSS, Hall measurements, Sheet resistance, electrical conductivity