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Benzylation of 2-Benzylisoindoline-1,3-diones via Photoinduced Electron Transfer. Photoinitiated Tin-Free Radical Additions to Cyclic Imides
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1  University of Cologne, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Greinstr.4, D-50939 Köln, Germany

Abstract: Photoinduced electron transfer (PET) from arylacetates to 2-benzyl-isoindoline-1,3-diones (N-benzylphthalimides) in aqueous solution furnishes 3-benzylated 2-benzyl-3-hydroxyisoindolin-1-ones in high yields. The procedure constitutes an efficient photoinitiated tin-free radical alternative to the Grignard reaction en route to precursors to phenanthrene lactam alkaloids.
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