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A Comparison of Microwave-Accelerated and Conventionally Heated Iodination Reactions of Some Arenes and Heteroarenes, Using Ortho-Periodic Acid as the Oxidant
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1  Chair and Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University, 1 Banacha Street, PL 02-097 Warsaw, Poland

Abstract: A fast and simple method for the oxidative iodination of some activated arenes and heteroarenes, either under microwave irradiation or by conventional heating, is reported, using diiodine and ortho-periodic acid as the oxidant. The reactions were carried out in hot 95% ethanol under a reflux condenser. For the microwave assisted reactions, the reaction times were always notably shortened, but the yields were nearly the same as those afforded by the conventional method.
Keywords: oxidation; ortho-periodic acid as the oxidant; oxidative iodination of activated arenes and heteroarenes; diiodine; microwave irradiation