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PhSZn-Halides: New Green Thiolates
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1  Group of Catalysis Synthesis and Organic Green Chemistry (CS-ORG CHEM) - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Perugia

Abstract: A new class of bench-stable and odorless zinc thiolates can be prepared by insertion of the elemental zinc into a sulfur-halogen bond. The reulting reagents were used for the regio- and stereoselective thiolysis of epoxides in "on-water" conditions as well as in the solvent free synthesis of thioesters starting from the corresponding acyl halides. A comparison with the reactivity of the selenium analogues will be discussed.This communnication is dedicated to Prof. Lorenzo Testaferri in the occasion of his retirement
Keywords: sulfur, epoxide, acyl chlorides, solvent free, on-water