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Circuit Simulation for Solar Power Maximum Power Point Tracking with Different Buck-Boost Converter Topologies
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1  Department of Aerospace Engineering, Tamkang University

Abstract: Power converter is one of the essential elements for effective utilization of renewable power sources. This paper focuses on the development of a circuit simulation model for solar power maximum power point tracking (MPPT) evaluation with different buck-boost converter topologies including SEPIC, ZETA, and four-switch type buck-boost DC/DC converters. The circuit simulation model mainly includes three subsystems, namely, a PV emulator model, a buck-boost converter based MPPT system, and a fuzzy logic MPPT controller. A buck-boost converter based dual regulation (voltage regulation and current regulation) modes PV emulator is built to emulate the characteristics of the PV panel. The PV emulator is used to power the MPPT system. The MPPT system also contains a buck-boost power converter for power transfer. The maximum power point tracking function is achieved through proper control of the power switches of the power converter. A fuzzy logic controller is then developed to perform the MPPT function for obtaining maximum power from the PV panel. The MATLAB based Simulink piecewise linear electric circuit simulation tool is used to verify the complete circuit simulation model.
Keywords: buck-boost converter; PV emulator; maximum power pointing tracking; fuzzy controller
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