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Investigation the Effect of Polyaniline Modification of Carbon Nanotubes/Nickel Foam Based Electrodes Using in Supercapacitors
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1  Science and Technology University
2  shahed university

Abstract: supercapacitiveperformances of carbon nanotube (CNT) based electrodes, before and afterelectrochemical deposition of polyaniline (PANI) were compared. The PANImodified CNT/Nickel foam based electrodes were compared with the bare carbonnanotubes/Ni foam based electrodes. The modified electrode prepared by coatingCNT based electrodes which were directly grown on a Ni-foam framework by aChemical Vapor deposition (CVD) technique. The PANI modified electrode exhibitsbetter capacitive performance and lower internal resistance than the bareCNT/Ni foam electrode. The specific capacitance of this CNT/PANI based electrodeis 70 F/g which is 37 percent higher than the value of the CNT/Nifoam electrode before deposition of PANI. This work proposes that modificationCNTs with PANI is a simple, effective and economical approach for preparing asuitable supercapacitor electrode which possess enhanced capacitance and rateperformance.
Keywords: Supercapacitors; Carbon nanotubes; Polyaniline; chemical vapor deposition