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Self-replication of Internet Communication
1  Chao Wang

Abstract: In systems science, self-replication refers to the system or subsystem in the absence of a specific external system produces offspring related to its own structural system, such as the propagation of organisms is a self-replication, self-replication, therefore also called self-reproduction. Self-replication system is an important form of system self-organization. There is chose relationship between self-replication and self-growthself-adaption, slightly more complex self-growth or self-adaption should contain some kind self-replication. Phenomena of self-replication exist in the internet communication system widely. Both self-growing and self-adaption in the internet communication system contain self-replication of internet communication elements. In this sense, self-replication of internet communication is the basic style of self-organization of internet communication.
Keywords: Internet Communication, self-replication, self-growth, self-adaption, self-organization