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Mobile Vehicle Weight Sensor and Its Application in Transportation (Case Study: Municipal Solid Waste Collection Vehicles)
1  Isfahan Science and Technology Town, Iran

Published: 06 July 2015 by MDPI in 1st International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing session Applications

In recent years, due to the expansion of the vehicles transportation system and concerns about the lack of accurate calculation of vehicle weight, a system that is able to calculate the vehicle's weight at any moment, it seems necessary. Given that the transportation electronic management is related to the location and movement data of vehicle, the information about movement, speed and time, traveled path, the weight sensors and fuel for the quick and timely decisions are required. Therefore the design and implementation of modern systems for monitoring and control of these devices to make quick decisions and plan codified is essential. In this paper firstly, the different ways of measuring the vehicle weight and the problems of each them has been described then the weight sensor device which is equipped with a AVL system, and its application in urban management (Waste collection) has been described, and finally, the advantages of this devise has been proposed.

Keywords: Vehicle weight sensor, AVL System, Urban transportation system, municipal solid waste collection.