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Time-Space and Information
1  Sichuan Province Academy of Social Science


1)Newton said: time and space are absolute.Kant said: time and space are transcendental. Einstein said: time and space are relative.I understand that: time and space imply information.(2)Dissemination of information certainly takes time.Information storage definitely needs to occupy space.Information is not matter but needs matter.Information is not energy but requires energy.(3)Mass, charge and magnetic charge are matter.Kinetic energy, potential energy, nuclear energy are energy.Data, text, images, sounds belong Information.Matter, energy and information are always together.(4)Information indicates the process of change in matter.Information indicates the state of matter existence. Information indicates the process of changes in energy. Information indicates the state of energy existence.(5)Process always corresponds to the passage of time.State always corresponds to the structure of space.Process, state and transformation are information.Structure, function and fluctuation are information.(6)Information is a measure of systematic order.Information is a sign of biological evolution.Information is the basis of all life in the universe.All knowledge are the subset of information.(7)Information would not exist without times andpace.Time and space would not exist without information.Conservation and transformation of matter and energy.Information can create, replicate, and mutate them.(8)Time and space is the form of matter existence.Time and space is the form of energy present.Time and space is the form of information existence. Matter, energy and information: in the universe forever.(9)As a world only of matter and energy,The universe is always inorganic and inanimate. As a world of matter, energy and information,The universe is always an inorganic and organic unity.(10)Application of logical methods cannot affirm God,Application of logical methods cannot deny God.God and gods are created by human knowledge, God and gods and information: together forever.(11)I have some doubts about the Big Bang model.I do not believe the theory of limited time and space.Concept of information will gradually to unify.Our image of the universe will be greatly changed.(12)Where there are matter and energy, there is information.Dark matter and dark energy correspond dark information.Scientists found dark matter and dark energy,But which of them leads us to dark information ?(13)Newton's absolute space-time theory may be correct.Kant's transcendental space-time may be correct.Einstein's theory of relativity may also be correct.I understand that ontological information may be correct.

Keywords: time,space,information