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Highlight on the reactivity of PhSeZnX
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1  Group of Catalysis Synthesis and Organic Green Chemistry (CS-ORG CHEM) - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Perugia
2  Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel), P.O. Box 354, Pelotas 96010-900, Brazil


The first bench stable selenolates, PhSeZnHalides have been synthesized through a completely atom economy oxidative insertion of the elemental zinc on the commercially available PhSeHalides. These reagents showed the characteristic nucleophilic reactivity which will be reviewed in this report. All of the reactions were strongly accelerated when effected in water suspension. Alkyl, aryl, vinyl and acyl substitutions, ring-opening reactions of epoxides and aziridines and Michael type addition will be described including the role of the zinc in the control of the chemoselectivity and stereoselectivity.

Keywords: Selenium, Zinc, Nucleohpile, epoxide, Michael addition