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identification to rely on difference; construct to depend on an intermediary;Virtual to through construction--the general process and mechanism of people's information cognition activities
1  Kun Wu, Tianqi Wu

Abstract: Form a relationship to due to differences between things, information obtained present in the different relationships, it is only through the different relationship to identify the information; in understanding the process of arising, there is no direct touch between the subject and object, interaction between subject and object is be multi-level intermediaries, such as the information field, the subject physiological structure, the subject cognitive structure, the materialized tools of subject cognitive are the form of an intermediary of interaction between subject and object; knowledge of by multi-level intermediaries is knowledge of constructed and virtual in intermediary, each intermediary link of cognitive occurred is a relatively that the nature of intermediary link to occur of information selection, transformation and construction of the device, structure through the intermediary link, the object information is bound to happen some dogleg or rebuild of distortion, also in the information processing activities in people\'s thinking can also create a new information of subjective design, which inevitably presents the subject to object cognitive form and content, etc to some extent has been the scene of virtualized; The essence of virtual reality through direct simulation information environment, feel the experience, direct manipulation conversion of feel the experience, so as to realize to human cognitive the virtual; virtual reality is not only for man\'s cognitive possible ways to open up a very broad prospects, but also helps from fundamental to clarify as a general processes and mechanisms of human cognitive activities of information activity.
Keywords: Information;Differences;Identify;Intermediary;Construction;Virtual