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Thinking on the thought-premise about information ethnics
1  Lanbo Kang

Abstract: the thought-premise of traditional ethnics is that "human is … animal". This kind of concept could demonstrate the human's moral behavior, however, it would be faced with two difficulties in the end. The first is that it negates the need that human should "pursue to become real human", because it understand human as something "established being". The second is that it can't exceed the animal's layer to think on the standard of "real human", even though it is admitted by some people that human should "pursue to become real human". In the era of information, having great changes take place in the being manner of human, these two difficulties are more and more obviously, and even restrict the research and use to the technology of information exactly. Under these circumstances, how human should understand himself all rounds? Which standard should be set up for human "pursue to become real human"? Like these kinds of problems are becoming so important in the era of information that ethnics would have to search for seriously. Being searching after these kinds of problems, information ethnics would exceed the layer of traditional ethnics, and become a kind of philosophy that of in the era of information.
Keywords: information ethnics, information, human, ethnics