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A model of "musicking" driven by mediation local-global concept lattices
1  Shimpei Tatsumi

Abstract: Musical performances are supposed to be body-experiences. That is to say, musicking is a contact-mediated action. In this work a unique approach is proposed, a system motivated to move on two-dimentinal space by itself making asense of body and environment, which are formalized to "concept lattice" on the Lattice theory. This Musicking Self-Motivated System (MSMS) creates senses of touch and auditory as sense of body and sense of external world, then fabricates a sense of body agency motivated by variance of those senses to determine the next movement. Trajectories of MSMS were spatially biased on environments of which partial properties are given randomly. It is suggested that MSMS has robust intentionality onto perpetually opend environment. Here debates MSMS comparing try-and-error processing of handling an unknown, i.e. potentially-instrument.