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A low-cost environmental monitoring system: how to prevent systematic errors in the design phase through the combined use of Additive Manufacturing and thermographic techniques

The nEMoS (nano Environmental Monitoring System ) device is an all-in-one, low-cost, web-connected and 3D-printed device aimed at assessing the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) of buildings. It is built using some low-cost sensors connected to an Arduino microcontroller board. The device is assembled in a small size case and the integrated air temperature and relative humidity sensor and the globe thermometer could be affected by thermal effect due to overheating of some nearby components. A thermographic analysis was made to rule out this possibility. The paper shows how the pervasive technique of Additive Manufacturing can be combined with the more traditional thermographic technique to redesign the case and to verify the accuracy of the optimized system in order to prevent instrumental systematic errors in terms of difference between experimental and the actual values of air temperature, relative humidity and radiant temperature. 

Keywords: "Indoor Environmental Quality", "Indoor Air Quality", "Indoor Thermal comfort", "Internet of Things", "environmental monitoring system", thermography