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The Integration of Rural Community and Participatory Media Based on the Mobile Internet ——A Practice of Mobile Internet in Western Rural China
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Based on the mini-public theory, this paper examines the mobile Internet public platform in the countryside of western China, and sees it as the public sphere of digital community. The research considers that the public sphere of this kind of digital community transforms the "Half acquaintance society" into "acquaintances society" and constructs the rural endogenous order. Its essence is the new media empower the village elite outside the system to form a social-media-based alliance, and with the village idle staff, left-behind women and other people to form the media self-organizing, become a new village endogenous power. The elite alliance of outside institutions, through express in the public sphere, media mobilization, public action, and so on, connected the scattered in different space of "atomic" villagers, promote the development of rural society. With the change of the village power structure, the elite alliance of the outside system and the village of the state agent have formed a competitive relationship, temporarily formed a relatively balanced cooperative governance model. The public sphere of the digital community makes villages from the nominal villager autonomy to the autonomy mode of "self-management, self-education and self-service" through the public participation of the villagers.

Keywords: Participatory media;Village media;Community Network;empowerment;connective action.