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Release of model amino acids by ester linkage photolysis from fused 2-oxo-2H-benzopyranyl conjugates
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1  Centro de Química, Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga, Portugal

Abstract: Valine and phenylalanine were used as model amino acids for the synthesis of ester conjugates with a fused oxobenzopyran, in order to evaluate its applicability as a photocleavable protecting group for solution phase organic and peptide synthesis. The behaviour of the corresponding conjugates towards photocleavage was evaluated by irradiation in methanol/HEPES buffer (80:20) and acetonitrile/HEPES buffer (80:20) solutions, in a photochemical reactor at different wavelengths (300 and 350 nm), followed by HPLC/UV monitoring.