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DEPENDENCE OF SPECTRAL PARAMETERS IN 1H AND 13C NMR SPECTRA OF AROMATIC COMPOUNDS UPON SUBSTITUENT SPATIAL-STRUCTURAL PECULIARITIES. XIV*. Study of the effect of substituent R nature in phenylsulfones derivatives PhSO2R on the chemical shifts of phenyl ring protons in NMR 1H spectra
1  Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Lviv, Ukraine

Abstract: At the explanation of the spectra peculiarities of phenylsulfones by general formula C6H5SO2R the arguments in favour of intramolecular effect of functional groups position in the fragment R through the spatial on the value of phenyl protons chemical shifts ðiHhave been adduced.
Keywords: Key words:NMR 1H spectra of phenylsulfones by general formula C6H5SO2R,basic (diH) and differential (ΔdiH) spectral parameters, main andauxiliary compounds,“threshold” differential parameters,intramolecular effect through the spatial.