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Characterization procedure for bond, anchorage and strain-hardening behavior of textile-reinforced cementitious composites
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1  Institute of Structural Concrete, RWTH Aachen University


A fast adoption of innovative composite materials such as textile reinforced concrete (TRC) in practice is hindered by the lack of efficient and standardized characterization and design procedures. In this paper, we discuss results of uniaxial tensile tests and double sided pullout tests. The analysis of the tests is done with a modelling framework for tensile behavior developed at IMB RWTH Aachen. The overall goal is to simulate the tensile response of composite specimen based on the reinforcement and matrix characteristics. Thus, the need for cost-intensive composite tensile tests could be reduced, which facilitates the material development and adoption of TRC in engineering practice.

Keywords: pullout test; tensile test; anchorage length; strain-hardening behavior