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Optimization of robotized welding in Aluminum alloys with Pulsed transfer mode using the Taguchi method
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1  FEUP, Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, 4200-465, Portugal
2  ESTIG, Institute Polytechnic of Bragança, 5300-253, Portugal
3  Roboplan, Aveiro, 3800-042, Portugal


In order to obtain an optimal combination of welding parameters to weld an aluminum alloy (6082-T6) with MIG (Metal Inert Gas) it was used an L27 Taguchi orthogonal array. The array originated 27 different combinations that gives rise to 27 welding programs for the metal pulsed spray mode. The welds were made in aluminum bars using an industrial robot. All welds were repeated three times to ensure string repeatability. Metallographic tests were performed on the weld beads for measuring the width bead, penetration and reinforcement. Measurement data was analyzed for signal / noise and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Applying the Taguchi's method, an optimal combination of welding parameters was reached.

Keywords: Robotic MIG welding; aluminum alloy; welding parameters; pulsed spray; Taguchi method; ANOVA