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Robotic Welding Tests MIG Standard and CMT+P in Aluminum Alloy 6082-T6 for Optimization of Penetration, Cord Width and Reinforcement
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1  FEUP, Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, 4200-465, Portugal
2  ESTIG, Institute Polytechnic of Bragança, 5300-253, Portugal
3  Roboplan, Aveiro, 3800-042, Portugal


The present article describes an experimental analysis of a robotized Gas Metal-arc Welding (GMAW) in aluminum alloy, using Metal Inert Gas (MIG) in its transfer method variation Standard and pulsed Cold Metal Transfer (CMT+P), developed in order to optimize the penetration depth, width and reinforcement of the weld bead. The base metal was the aluminum alloy 6082-T6 and the filler metal was aluminum alloy 5754.

Keywords: Robotic MIG welding, aluminum welding, MIG CMT+P pulse, Taguchi method.