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291 Experimental investigation on the explosive substitute by drop test
1  Institute of Systems Engineering, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Mianyang Sichuan 621900, CHINA; Shock and Vibration of Engineering Materials and Structures Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, Mianyang Sichuan 621900, CHINA


The drop tests of the experimental structure with explosive substitute material were carried out to study the dynamic deformation and failure of the explosive substitute. Designed the PBX simulation material as a cylindrical flat head structure, the support structure of the PBX simulation material as an aluminum support ring, and affixed a counterweight to the upper part of the PBX simulation material. The PBX simulation materials, the counterweight and the support ring, were glued together to form the drop test pieces. A special drop test system was designed, which realized the non deflection of the falling posture of the drop test pieces and the drop was pure free. The results show that in the drop impact tests, the critical height of the explosive simulant failure is about 600mm to 700mm when the counterweight of 19.62kg is used.

Keywords: PBX,simulant,drop,impact,failure