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Modeling and prediction of anti-inflammatory activity in compounds of natural and synthetic origin
* 1 , 2 , 3
1  Department of Pharmacy. Institute of Pharmacy and Foods. University of the Havana
2  Company Laboratories AICA
3  Department of Farmacy. Central University of Las Villas


In the work the MODESLAB approach is applied to the sub-structural modeling of the anti-inflammatory activity of both natural and synthetic compounds, with the purpose of calculating the spectral moments of the adjacency matrix between edges of the molecular graph with suppressed hydrogens , weighted in the main diagonal with standard dipole moments of binding to 410 active and inactive compounds. The calculated descriptors were used in the design of a training series and another one of prediction. With the training series a discriminant function was developed for the anti-inflammatory activity by means of the Multivariate Linear Regression Discriminant analysis obtaining a good total classification of 91.59%. The model was validated through the use of the prediction series, obtaining a good classification of 90.2%.

Keywords: pharmacological properties Discriminant analysis